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Cadillac Men Perfume Price Pakistan

Cadillac was purchased by General Motors a hundred years ago and as part of the anniversary celebration GM is licensing a line of Cadillac branded products for men. Grapefruit, chamomile, geranium, tarragon and cinnamon anyone? Cadillac Men Perfume Price Pakistan

A little known fact about Cadillac is that it began life in 1901 not as Cadillac, but as The Henry Ford Company (yes, that Henry Ford). Ford founded the company under his own name from the leftovers of the first car company he started, Detroit Automobile Company. He was pushed out of The Henry Ford Company by the board of directors in 1902 and the assets were taken over by his backers. The company was renamed Cadillac while Henry went on to found the Ford Motor Company, but it wasn’t till 1909 that William Durant’s General Motors purchased Cadillac, and thus the 100-year anniversary. Cadillac Men Perfume Price Pakistan

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