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Emporio Armani AR0734 Silver Her Watch Chronograph


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Emporio Armani AR0734 Silver Her Watch Chronograph

  • Product specifications

    A Chronograph watch is a display watch with a timer (stopwatch) function. Chronograph watches feature a main second hand that you can start, stop and return to zero by pressing the buttons (stems) on the side of the watch, allowing you to use it as a timer.

    On chronograph watches the real-time seconds are shown on a sub-dial on the face of watch. The hour and minute hands show the real-time as regular display watches.

    During timing, chronograph watches use the main second hand to time seconds and a minute sub-dial to track minutes passed since the start. More complex chronographs can track hours passed as well by using an additional hour sub-dial.

    How to use a chronograph watch?

    To use the timer function, push the bottom button on the side of the watch to set the second hand to zero (if it’s not on zero yet) and push the top button to start and stop timing.

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Delivery Time: 20 – 25 Working Days



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