How to Shop Online Safely

Shopping online has become a part of our lives. Shopping on Available very easy, safe and efficient as well. All you need to do is review your product which you are willing to buy, see the price and click on “Add to Cart” button.

A short window will appear indicating the price and number if that product which has been added into your cart. after reviewing it click on “Proceed To CheckOut”

If you are buying 1st time from Available.Pk then this option will Appear

Step 1: Account Details

I’m A New Customer

Create an account with us and you’ll be able to:

  • Checkout faster
  • Save multiple addresses in your address book
  • Access order history and track your orders

If you’ve purchased anything before from Available.Pk then this option will appear asking you for your email and password which you used before to setup an free account.

I’m A Returning Customer

To continue, please enter your email address and password that you use for your account.

A Form will appear that will ask you about your Personal data which contains your full name, address, contact details. fill out that for and review before submitting.


Step 2: Billing & Account Details

You need to mention your billing address and shipping where you can get your product delivered to you and can pay the bill.


Step 3: Shipping Details

Review your address again in order to avoid any mistake in address and contact details.


Step 4: Shipping Method

Choose the way you want your product shipped to your address


Step 5: Order Confirmation

FINALLY, The last option will ask you to review the contents of your order below and then choose how you’d like to pay for your order.

This will show you the method of payment on how to pay your payment and an

“Order Instructions/Comments (Optional)” Will ask you to input your any instructions such as ” time of delivery or special notes ”

After a while you shall receive an order confirmation call on your given number during working hours to confirm your order. You shall also receive call before delivery as well.


Note: Never share your Available.Pk’s account registration email id and password with anyone which might lead your order status changed to cancel or can make your account to BlackListed.

41 thoughts on “How to Shop

    • Ali Bukhari says:

      Hi Rupert. We are not yet dispatching outside Pakistan but our agreement with international courier is soon going to be finalized then we shall be able to dispatch parcels internationally including India. We shall update you as well. 🙂

  1. Arif khan says:

    Salam, i need the Casio anolog watch with stainless steel chain being added to the cart guide me to bring the purchase process to the logical end. Thanks. waiting for reply

  2. khurum moughal says:

    hi im from england im interseted in buying some watches from you how much do you charge for delivery and how long does it take ti arrive in the uk

    • Ali Bukhari says:

      Hello Sir,
      Shipping always depends on weight and dimension of watch with its Box. However, The shipping as per current currency starts from 40 USD. You may whatsapp us on +923458200230 for quick contact anytime.

  3. M.Hamza says:

    Dear Ali,
    What is the guarantee about the originality of your watches, in most cases online companies send the 1st copy of their product and bluff by showing wrong guarantee cards?

  4. Ilyas says:

    Hi, i would like to know about this watch
    Ref no 116528
    That in your discreption mentioned this an automatique chronographe watch so tell me this is like real fonction as rolex watch inwich same fonction the réal chronographe and automatique ? Let me inform thanks.
    Best regard

    • Ali Bukhari says:

      Hello Maam, All perfumes are authentic and you may have 7 days checking warranty as well. You can also show it to your nearest perfume shop to verify. If it turn out to be copy or fake then we shall return your complete money back without any deduction.

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